Organisational Model of the Hotusa Group
The Hotusa Group is structured around two main areas:
A dynamic organization
The Hotusa Group is structured around two main areas:

- Tourism area: This is made up of different companies geared towards providing services to hotels.

- Hotel area: Under the name of Eurostars Hotel Company, this area encompasses the direct hotel management business. Currently, Grupo Hotusa has a portfolio with more than 200 hotels, of which more than 100 are integrated into the Eurostars Hotels chain and more than 70 in the Exe Hotels chain.

Both lines of business follow parallel paths, although both mutually take advantage of the synergies which emanate from both activities.

A pyramid of services.
The relationship of the Hotusa Group hotels adopts a stepped pyramid shape. At its base, the Hotusa Group maintains a partnership relationship with a broad base of hotels.

As the hotels decide to forge a closer relationship with the Hotusa Group and delegate more management areas, these establishments are located at a higher level of the pyramid. The highest level of the pyramid includes the direct operation of hotels across brands such as Eurostars Hotels or Exe Hotels.

The Expertise as a guarantee of success
These are some of the teams with more experience and expertise within the Hotusa Group.

Groups Management. Hotusa Hotels also has its own specific booking portal just for groups, with a proven 30-year track record. The expertise of our team ensures the confidence of leading tour operators and travel agencies. Every year, over 10,000 operations are carried out.

Purchasing Centre. The Hotusa Group works daily to secure the best suppliers and the best prices to supply hotel services in the best market conditions. The purchasing centre is, without a doubt, one of the group's hallmarks.

Online Marketing. In recent years, the Hotusa Group has acquired great expertise in creating, designing and positioning hotel websites, with recent successes in SEM campaigns, SEO and Social Media.

Revenue Management. Talent, experience and the latest technologies are available to the Department of Revenue service in order to maximise the benefits of the hotel partners or management.

Expansion Area Within a context of strong business growth, both geographically and in the area of volume and business areas, the Expansion Area is emerging as a key element in the quest for new markets and new business opportunities.

In addition to these teams, the Hotusa Group and its companies have a large team tackling other issues such as new technologies, communications, human resources, internal management, etc.