Signature hotels
Our brands have a clear international vocation and are focused on market needs, while always working to high quality standards.

We're backed by extensive experience and know-how that's evidenced in every area, from our hotel management to our strong brand image and customer service. Our desire to create an integrated group with shared values is what drives us to improve every day and what has made our brands a robust, booming business.
The expertise of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team
  • We create unique hotels closely linked to the culture of their location
  • We develop important conceptualisation work
  • We use resistant, timeless materials that are easy to maintain
  • We put our ample expertise at the service of the project and work teams
  • We monitor each phase of a project in minute detail
  • We design the space, mapping out every architectural solution and carefully selecting each material.

Developing a hotel project

Our teams will support you throughout the process by offering close, ongoing assistance

The Eurostars Hotel Company is fully committed to each project. Success is measured by a long-lasting relationship, with professional advice along with the expertise and know-how of a global team working on a shared project.

Managing a hotel establishment

We offer varying management formulas to adapt to your needs and possibilities

The Eurostars Hotel Company offers owners and investors the options of purchasing, renting, managing or franchising a hotel. We have international coverage, including in secondary locations.
Our added value
  • We're a major international group with more than 40 years of experience.
  • We're a steadily expanding business with more than 5,000 employees.
  • We're a dynamic organisation at the forefront of a wide range of new projects combining efficiency and reliability with flexibility.
  • We're an organisation where effort, work, service and creativity form the nucleus of the company's identity.
  • We're a space for innovating and developing technologies with a knack for adding value to the tourism industry.

What defines us as a company?

Technological innovation is one of the main values of the company. We are always eager to explore new fields and possibilities.

Optimizing processes and making them more efficient permit us to generate greater benefits and reduce costs. Constant search for new channels that allow us to reach our customers in a more agile way.

Development of our own systems to achieve successful results

Creation and implementation of innovative elements that improve the customer experience and, in turn, allow the collection of useful quality information for the establishment
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