A commitment to the sector
Our mission is to be part of the different processes and areas of value that include hotel management, distribution and hotel services.
sectors of activity
The company is organised into three business units: one for hotel services, under the Keytel umbrella; one for distribution, which operates as Restel; and one for hotel operation, Eurostars Hotel Company.
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  • Boutique Hotels
  • Design Hotels
  • Upper midscale
  • Midscale
  • Premium stays
    Tandem Suites
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Wholesalers (specific markets)
  • Services of
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Direct channel and digital strategy
  • Marketing and communication
  • Purchasing and cost management
  • Training
  • Sustainability
  • Hotel Collections
Eurostars Hotels Company
In 2005, Hotusa Group created Eurostars Hotels. This chain became the first of a collection of establishments defined by a versatile directory, which includes various types of hotels that allow the group to meet the needs and motivations of any traveller. It offers everything from small and medium-sized city-centre establishments geared towards tourists, to hotels designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding corporate guests.

On the basis of this complete and extensive directory of establishments, in 2021 Eurostars Hotel Company was established under a multi-brand structure that comprises six differentiated chains. This move represents the chain’s firm commitment to consolidating a categorisation model that will allow orderly growth based on different types of establishments with solid values and attributes.
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Discover the essence of Eurostars Hotels. A different way of travelling, characterised by our commitment to the surroundings and cultural richness of each destination. Visit us and start collecting unforgettable experiences at our hotels. Each one of our establishments promises a unique and distinctive stay.
Our aim is to become the best host in the destination, in order to show you the essence of each place, and to offer you unique, remarkable experiences.
Comfort, cosy atmosphere, personalised service and attention to detail. A selection of hotels designed to make you feel at home. Our mission is to make you feel special. There's an Exe just for you - discover it!
At Ikonik Hotels, details make a difference. We’re a fresh, innovative chain with a creative personality, and all our hotels have their own unique character. Discover the Ikonik world and feel part of the destination.
We’re ready and waiting to make you feel at home in a pleasant, cosy atmosphere. A safe bet whether you're travelling for work, taking a romantic getaway or holidaying with family. We’re ready to welcome you with our biggest smiles.
If you're looking for greater freedom and a different accommodation option, choose Tandem Suites. Premium suites located in the hearts of cities, allowing you to discover each destination in an intense, immersive experience. You can also enjoy their carefully selected décor and the spectacular, renovated historic buildings housing them.
Restel Hotels
Restel is one of the largest hotel booking platforms in the world. As part of Hotusa Group, it distributes more than 200,000 establishments around the world, reaching a turnover of over 600M Euros. Founded in 1982, Restel has extensive experience in the market and operates in more than 150 countries and 10,000 tourist destinations. It offers a wide range of independent hotels and chain establishments, ensuring quality standards are met in accordance with the brand’s guarantee.

Restel works with advanced technology to guarantee access to its portfolio of highly available hotels. The company currently distributes accommodation establishments to more than 25,000 travel agencies from its own extranet, as well as to more than 1,000 distributors, including world-leading OTAs and tour operators, through its own ATI.

At present, Restel has two brands: Restel Hotels, a distribution platform for hotel accommodation and tourist services, a leader in the tourism sector with more than 20 years of experience, and Restel Travel, an aggregation and distribution tool for accommodation and tourist services.

Restel plays a strategic role within Hotusa Group as a key part of the distribution structure of Keytel-affiliated hotels, global leaders in hotel representation.
Keytel Hotels
Keytel is the result of the culmination of a natural evolution that merged two company businesses, Hotusa Hotels and Keytel, to confront future challenges in the best conditions.

This merger was set up with the aim of joining forces and becoming even closer to hoteliers. Beyond distribution, Keytel’s value proposition is focused on a clear goal: to develop tools and services using an in-depth understanding of hotels’ needs in order to provide hoteliers with greater growth.

Keytel offers a comprehensive proposal, working in all areas of activity to help digitally transform establishments with training, cost management, marketing, branding and customer loyalty solutions. From booking systems to revenue management, everything Keytel offers is geared towards the same goal: to increase each establishment's profitability as much as possible.

Keytel provides strategic advice and high-quality creative solutions thanks to a combination of knowledge, international experience, advanced technology and exclusive alliances with specialist partners. Today, Keytel provides a wide range of services to an extensive and diverse client base that includes independent hotels and regional chains. The company is able to impact multiple business dimensions, swiftly taking establishments to the next level thanks to a close accompaniment from our consultants.

As the largest alliance of independent hotels in the world, Keytel works every day to ensure its partners keep their independence and compete under the best conditions in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, uncertain and dominated by large tech companies.