Innovation is one of our main values
Innovation takes the form of a preference for the avant-garde, technology, design, young people and new cultures. And that is based on talent and ideas, but fundamentally on work.
Hotusa Explora is a pioneering event organised by the Hotusa Group, gathering notable companies, personalities and entities from the Ibero-American market in an annual round table workshop to analyse the tourism industry.

The meeting, scheduled to be hosted each year to coincide with FITUR, aims to create a space for dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences while also prompting reflection and generating conclusions in an international, multidisciplinary setting with tourism acting as the connecting link.
The Hotusa Group launched this initiative in a bid to reflect, with the help of authoritative voices, on the actions or measures that should be implemented to help the tourism and hotel industry to recover as quickly as possible. The project considers diverse sessions to address ideas, suggestions and proposals for action that have been compiled in almost all areas of tourism.

Leading institutional representatives, directors from the hotel sector, the land, air and sea transport area, and travel agencies and tour operators took part in this event to offer their particular views on how to rebuild this tourism puzzle, the pieces of which remain whole but have been jumbled by the pandemic.
The Foro La Toja - Vínculo Atlántico has already hosted three successful editions that have seen leading figures from politics, business and economics get involved. The aim is not to be a mass meeting, but rather a benchmark event for intellectual and academic discussion.

Independent thought, diversity and excellence are the defining criteria when organising the Forum, which doesn't address any other economic or business interests. The aim is to convey the different views and contributions that can be added to the issues under discussion from both sides and both hemispheres.
Smart People is a project launched by the Hotusa Group to attract young talent. It's an initiative that involves proposing and developing research work related to the tourism sector together with students and teachers.

The Smart People programmes are circuits of between 12 and 14 months that have been designed by the Hotusa Group's Human Resources Department. In the academic years between 2014 and 2020, close to 2,000 students took part in the project. They received personalised training, taking on tasks and improving their leadership skills.
Eurostars Hotel Company Cultura
The Hotusa Group shares a close link with the world of art and culture, which is mainly demonstrated through the Eurostars Hotel Company. In this regard, the chain's proposal ranges from the organisation of exhibitions by new artists in its establishments' facilities to the launch of photography, literature and audiovisual awards.
The Eurostars Hotel Company supports literary creation through three prizes. The first, the Premio Eurostars Hotels de Narrativa de Viajes (Eurostars Hotels Prize for Travel Narrative), in collaboration with the University of Barcelona and RBA Libros, has established its position as a leading award in travel storytelling and the literary competitions for this genre both nationally and internationally.
The Eurostars Grand Marina Photography Prize is hosted each year with Barcelona as the central focus; the Eurostars Madrid Tower Photography Prize collects snapshots of Madrid; and the Eurostars Berlin Photography Prize recognises images that best capture the German capital. In recent years, other photography prizes have been included to focus on Oviedo, Porto, Naples, Cordoba, Santiago de Compostela, Santander, Lisbon, Munich, Granada, Prague, Seville and Segovia, and the initiative will soon be extended to other destinations. Lastly, with its guests in mind, the company has organised the Eurostars Hotels Photography Prize “Tu mirada es personal” (Your Gaze Is Personal), which recognises the best snapshots captured by people at any of the Eurostars destinations around the world.
Regarding music, the Eurostars Rhythm. Feel The Music project offers intimate concerts in a selection of the chain's hotels, assisting in the diffusion of different styles both in Spain and abroad.
Under the motto “¡Sueña, vuela y gana!” (Dream, fly and win!), the My Eurostars City contest invites creative travel enthusiasts to present their short films on any of the almost 50 Eurostars Hotels destinations in Spain, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The most recent editions have seen more than 100 videos enter the competition.
Since 2004, almost all establishments in the chain have formed a part of the Eurostars Exposiciones project and regularly host artwork by local artists or those who are residents in the cities where these hotels are located. As such, not only does Eurostars Exposiciones offer an added bonus to guests, but it also serves as a platform for promoting and marketing emerging artists.

In 2019, Exe Hotels brand establishments also branched out into the exhibition project with their own exhibition calendar.